We plug into your data sources (fulfillment center, e-commerce channels and bank) to see historic sales. For every SKU that you sell we finance the manufacturing price for every unit that we estimate will be sold in a reasonable timefrime (usually 16 weeks, but it is not fixed).

You only pay Kickpay back when units are shipped from your fulfillment center. When a unit is shipped Kickpay activates an ACH payment for the manufacturing price + a fixed fee.
Yes. We require all companies to use a third party fulfillment center. This enables us to provide lower financing costs since we are getting inventory data from an independant third party.
Yes, currently we can only finance inventory stored in the US.
The company does not need to be based in the US but it must have a US entity. For example, the company can be based in London but have an entity registered in the state of Delaware.
We can work with a company once you have 3 months of sales history.
Yes. If you have your inventory split over multiple locations or fulfillment companies, we can integrate with all of them. This means that when you transfer inventory between fulfillment centers you won't be charged.
No. We only evaluate the business entity.
Yes. Even if you have other open loans we can still supply financing. Just let us know the details on the other debt during the underwriting process.
Yes. We put a UCC lien on the business to protect the loan in a worst case scenario, such as a default.
You can spend the money on whatever you feel is most beneficial for your business. Most clients spend the capital on either 1) new inventory, 2) sales and marketing, or 3) stabalizing their finances.
Yes, we can pay your manufacturer directly for new inventory. Or if you have inventory in stock we can provide capital directly to you.
There is no hard limit. We aim to finance all inventory costs for up to 16 weeks, up to $500K, and more when needed.
The maximum number of units we can finance is the lesser of 1) 85% of inventory in stock (or in transit to the fulfillment center) or 2) however many units we estimate can be sold in 16 weeks.
We charge a fixed fee that covers the time to ship inventory to the fulfillment center (if not already there) and for up to 16 weeks to sell through. The fee varies based on the amount of inventory and expected sell-through rate but typically ranges from 3-7% of the manufacturing cost.

For example, if we finance 10,000 units at a $10 manufacturing price, Kickpay would advance the client $100K, and the client would repay $10.50 (at a 5% rate) each time a unit is shipped from the fulfillment center.
Normally we will only finance up to 16 weeks worth of inventory.

However, we understand there can be circumstances that require extra inventory. In these scenarios we can work closely with clients to expand the size of the financing.
We have built an automated system meaning you never have to worry about making a manual payment.

Every day we send out a notifcation summarizing the number of units that have been shipped the previous day, activate an ACH payment from your connected bank account and provide an updated account balance.
If there is a balance left at the end of the 16 weeks you have an option to either 1) pay off the balance with no extra fees or 2) roll the balance into the ‘Post Selling Period’ giving you longer to pay down the balance but with an additional fee and a minimum repayment amount per week.

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