Killer features and functionality.
Built specifically for e-commerce.

Unlock capital tied up in inventory.

Kickpay can fund you directly, unlocking capital tied up in inventory.

Kickpay can pay your manufacturer, allowing you to purchase more inventory if you have low stock.

Smart Servicing & Reporting.

Kickpay sends daily reports showing how many units were shipped and automatically debits your bank account for the amount owed.

And yes, we know the difference between a customer shipment and internal stock movements.

Maximize loan size. Even after being out of stock.

We can see all your shipments, no matter which channel they were sold through. We can also predict how many units you would have sold if previous out of stock situations were eliminated.

All this adds up to a larger loan.

Prediction tools for startups.

Kickpay predicts future sales and cash flow, meaning we can see where your company is going.

We can provide financing for companies even if you only have 3 months of sales history.

How it works

We can finance your inventory, and you only pay back when financed units are shipped to your customers.

Connect your data

Kickpay connects with your shipment and inventory data.

We analyze your
sales history

We estimate how many units will be sold in the near future.

We create a financing offer

Kickpay financing offers have a fixed fee so you know upfront how much you'll pay.

Repayment after
inventory ships

Only after units ship to customers does Kickpay get paid back.

Learn more about the process

You're in great company

Some of the world's leading e-commerce companies use Kickpay to accelerate their business growth.

"Kickpay is the only tool the business is dependent on."

Matt Vroom, CEO, Henge Docks

"Before Kickpay, we wasted time pulling financials and building models for traditional working capital loans. Kickpay plugs into Shopify so we waste zero time on diligence and can focus on growing the business."

Polly Rodriguez, CEO, Unbound

"We went from scary unpredictable spikes in cashflow with our COGS to a pretty smooth expense that simply scales linearly with our sales. That's a lot easier to manage."

Khalil Zahar, CEO, FightCamp

Connect your data with 100+ integrations

Unlike other lenders, we are able provide class leading functionality since we are integrated
with over 100 third parties to obtain inventory and shipment data.

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